Club Sponsors & Community Partners


WMDCC wish to thank our sponsors and community partners for their continued support. By connecting our club and sponsors, we've been able to support our growth and add more value to the whole ecosystem. Our large following and engaging activities set us apart for receiving any opportunities from different sponsors. 
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This year alone we will have over 650 Participants from Juniors to Seniors, Boys and Girls, Men and Women.

WMDCC understands that businesses regularly sponsor community sport and as such we believe that our club network may align with most business goals. We understand the need to be flexible in today’s challenging business/Covid environment, so sponsorship from within the business community is vital for the continued growth of the Club this season and into the future. 

Ideas around our Sponsor packages include :- 

  • Ground Advertising signs 
  • Electronic Scoreboard Advertising
  • Sea Eagle’s TV Advertising (22,000 viewings p/week)
  • Website Advert/Profile (20,000 visits p/annum)
  • Social Media Promotions Facebook
  • Electronic Mail Out to Members


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Social Media


WMDCC is proud to be a highly sociable club, and our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the like) are often an easier and a more convenient way to access information, provide information and communicate with all members.

There is an insatiable, second-by-second demand for cricket content on smartphones, tablets or desktops - and that’s where our social media comes in. With over 20,000 followers across several platforms, our objective is to build a relevant audience and doing that involves producing regular and engaging cricket content that others find irresistible and want to share with their friends and community.
Over time, we have developed a number of different elements to our social media platform - we hope one of them works well for you! 


General Facebook
Juniors Facebook
Womens Facebook



SeaEagles TV


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